Social Media Symposium on 3/29

Social Media Symposium on 3/29

I’m thrilled to be a panelist at this symposium, held on Pitt’s campus through the Public and Professional Writing Program.  I know Sarah Leavens, who organized the whole thing, and many of the panelists–I know it’s going to be fun, informative, and useful.  Hope you can join us!


“Are you Facebook Frustrated? Twitter­-tangled? Stymied by Snapchat? Do you wonder about the professional uses of social media? You’re not alone! The ability to connect with anyone from anywhere, digitally, and the near­ necessary need to present a digital version of yourself in multiple iterations has changed how we socialize, how we write, and how we define professionalism. Pitt students studying this rapidly-­evolving field will present on the most popular platforms and answer your questions about best professional uses, followed by a Q&A from a panel of social media professionals, including two Pitt PPW grads, a social media strategist from ModCloth, and a professional author.”

More info about the event and the panelists.