The Office, The Walking Dead

The Office, The Walking Dead

You know, as much as I enjoyed the season finale of The Office, I couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed about my options.  I just couldn’t imagine any of them really being interesting enough to carry the show.  I think James Spader will be an interesting boss, although he seems more creepy than funny.  (According to Wikipedia, anyway, Spader is going to be the boss in season 8.)  Personally, I would have preferred Jan to return as the boss, or even David Wallace (and what a perfect name for a CEO, and that character, too).  I miss both of them.

*Spoiler alert if you haven’t read the past few issues.  On the other side of the entertainment spectrum, I have a prediction for what’s going to happen to Carl in The Walking Dead.  My prediction is that he’s going to wake up from his coma and not remember anything.  Although some people claim this probably won’t happen (too soap opera-esque), I think it would be the most interesting option.  If Carl dies, then Rick will most likely go into supervillain mode and destroy the town.  I guess the last panel of issue #86 kind of predicted this: whenever anyone says something like “I think this is going to work out” in this series, that means bad things are coming.  But if Carl lives and is blind in one eye, that seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity.  If Carl has forgotten the past year and Rick has to choose what to tell his son about his mother and the past, that would be an interesting moment.  And in some ways, it would be a blessing: Carl wouldn’t remember Shane or Ben, for example.  That’s my prediction, and my hope for that storyline. 

I also kind of hope something else happens.  For the last two issues, it seems like the main action has just been carrying out Rick’s plan for zombie-proofing the town, which we’ve already heard about, in detail.  Part of me is hoping for a flash-forward, maybe a month or two.  Issue #87 could start with Rick giving his amnesia-stricken son a tour of their new town.

The day after tomorrow, I’ll be returning with a new series: Things I’ve Learned from Literary Fiction.  Stay tuned!