Skynet Knows My Face

Skynet Knows My Face

robotdrawing_original_scan.jpg picture by robert9949

This is a portrait of me drawn by a robot at the Carnegie Science Center, circa 2003.

The robot was basically a large glass cube with a robot hand and a marker. A creepy-looking camera took my picture and a creepy-looking robot arm twitched and jerked until this picture appeared.

At the time, it seems like this particular robot was embracing the neo-impressionist style that led Seurat to pointillism.  It’s been a few years, but I can’t help but wonder how the robot has enriched its portraiture repertoire since.  Perhaps expressionism as a response to its binary anguish over the recession?  Perhaps drawing subjects in cowboy hats or dune buggies?  Who knows?  Shine on, you crazy diamond.